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OCEAN mailing list data from open source communities

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posted on 2022-03-31, 20:50 authored by Melanie Warrick, Samuel F. Rosenblatt, Jean-Gabriel YoungJean-Gabriel Young, Amanda Casari, Laurent Hébert-DufresneLaurent Hébert-Dufresne, James BagrowJames Bagrow
We present the data collected as part of the Open-source Complex Ecosystem And Networks (OCEAN) partnership between Google Open Source and the University of Vermont. This includes mailing list emails with standardized format spanning the past three decades from fourteen mailing lists across four different open source communities: Python, Angular, Node.js, and the Go language.

This data is presented in the following publication:
Warrick, M., Rosenblatt, S. F., Young, J. G., Casari, A., Hébert-Dufresne, L., & Bagrow, J. P. (2022). The OCEAN mailing list data set: Network analysis spanning mailing lists and code repositories. In 2022 IEEE/ACM 19th International Conference on Mining Software Repositories (MSR). IEEE.


Google Open Source under the Open Source Complex Ecosystems And Networks (OCEAN) project

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) under Contract No. HR0011219009