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Non-English database version of InvaCost

Version 2 2020-11-24, 18:33
Version 1 2020-09-09, 17:46
posted on 2020-11-24, 18:33 authored by Elena AnguloElena Angulo, Christophe DIAGNEChristophe DIAGNE, Liliana Ballesteros-MejiaLiliana Ballesteros-Mejia, Danish A. Ahmed, Achyut Kumar Banerjee, César Capinha, Franck Courchamp, David Renault, David RoizDavid Roiz, Gauthier Dobigny, Phillip J. Haubrock, Gustavo HERINGER, Laura N. H. Verbrugge, Marina Golivets, Martin A. Nuñez, Natalia Kirichenko, Cheikh Abdou Khadre Mbacké Dia, Wen Xiong, Tasnime Adamjy, Evgeny Akulov, Virginia G. Duboscq-Carra, Melina Kourantidou, Chunlong Liu, Ahmed Taheri, Yuya Watari

The ‘Non-English database’ is part of the InvaCost project (1) that compiles cost information associated with biological invasions. These records describe cost estimates reported in documents written in ten languages other than English (i.e. Chinese, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, and Ukrainian). An updated version of this database is now incorporated within the core InvaCost Database (3).

CONTENT: This page contains (a) the original version of the 'InvaCost_Non-English database' and (b) full definition and details about the descriptive columns used in this database (‘Descriptors’ file).

METHODOLOGY: The methodology was similar to the one used to compile the original version of InvaCost (2), but targeting more national webpages and specific literature databases, as well as directly contacting stakeholders that could provide data. The search was carried out by native speakers. Entries were checked by two contributors, except for the entries in Ukrainian and Greek. These ‘non-English’ searches originally resulted in 356 documents and 5,212 entries.

UPDATES, RECOMMENDATIONS & CAUTION: Please consider information already described elsewhere (3) for the original InvaCost database.


1. Diagne C, Catford JA, Essl F, Nuñez MA, Courchamp F (2020) What are the economic costs of biological invasions? A complex topic requiring international and interdisciplinary expertise. NeoBiota 63: 25–37. https://doiorg/10.3897/neobiota.63.55260

2. Diagne, C., Leroy, B., Gozlan, R.E. et al. InvaCost, a public database of the economic costs of biological invasions worldwide. Sci Data 7, 277 (2020).


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