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Nomogram connecting fundamental period of a single soil layer, the depth of the layer and the shear-wave velocity of the layer

posted on 11.03.2019, 11:56 by John Douglas
A nomogram connecting the fundamental period, T, of a soil layer of shear-wave velocity, Vs, and depth, H, using the formula T=4H/Vs. Also given is the fundamental frequency, f, (1/T) and the shear-modulus assuming a density (rho) of 2000kg/m^3, i.e. G=rho Vs^2 (results would be similar for the normal range of density, about 1800 to 2500kg/m^3).

Connect up two axes and where the line crosses the third axis is the result. An example line is shown for a fundamental period of 0.5s and a depth of 30m, which gives a shear-wave velocity of 240m/s.

Created using pynomo using a type 1 nomogram with type 8 nomograms for each of the principal axes