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Network statistics and major hubs in consensus modules visualized in Fig 7.

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posted on 29.02.2016, 11:29 by Yasin Şenbabaoğlu, Selçuk Onur Sümer, Francisco Sánchez-Vega, Debra Bemis, Giovanni Ciriello, Nikolaus Schultz, Chris Sander

Only intra-module interactions are considered (N = 640). The three consecutive numbers in parentheses in rows 1 and 4 indicate the number of edges in the ‘positive dominant’, ‘negative dominant, and the ‘heterogeneous’ groups respectively. The two consecutive numbers in parentheses in row 2 denote the number of non-phosphospecific and phosphospecific antibodies respectively. The sum of antibody counts in row 2 (185) is one less than the number of unique antibodies in the discovery set because one antibody (14.3.3_zeta) has no intra-module interactions despite having multiple inter-module interactions (S1A Table).