Database of Neoproterozoic U-Pb geochronology and Hf isotopic data for the Adelaide Superbasin

posted on 22.06.2020 by Jarred Lloyd, Alan Collins, Morgan Blades, Kathryn Amos, Benjamin Wade, John Counts, Stephen Hore, Ashleigh Job, James Hall, Sameh Shahin, Matt Drabsch
This excel file contains all the relevant raw and processed zircon age data with an explanation of the formulas used, references and sample location data.

The paper interpreting this data is submitted to Precambrian Research.

Version 2 contains corrections to samples PR5 and PR6 that should have been Wilmington Formation and Bonney Sandstone respectively

Version 3 contains revisions to the formulas and the addition of some data (including Hf) from Keeman et al. 2020.
The information sheet has been further updated.

Version 4 contains a variant with values only and no active formulas for compatibility with older versions of Excel. A second variant with the formulas with further improved compatibility for 2019 excel is provided.
The data in V4 was used to generate all figures in Lloyd et al. 2020 (Precambrian Research, revisions submitted). RefID: 9 is new data published with this database and accompanying paper.


Geological Survey of South Australia