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Negative Stain Transmission Electron Micrographs of Haliangium ochraceum Encapsulin:Encapsulated Ferritin complex

posted on 29.09.2021, 08:36 by Jon Marles-WrightJon Marles-Wright
Purified encapsulin nanocompartments were initially imaged by negative stain TEM. Continuous carbon/formvar coated copper grids (200 mesh) were glow-discharged for 30 seconds using a Pelco glow discharge system. 5 µL Enc was pipetted onto the glow-discharged grids and excess liquid was removed after 30 seconds with Whatman filter paper (grade 1, diameter 24.0 cm). The grids were washed with distilled water three times, followed by staining with 2 % uranyl acetate for 5 seconds. Grids were left to air dry and then imaged with a JEOL JEM-1400 transmission electron microscope. Images were collected with a Gatan CCD OneView camera and analyzed using FIJI.


Understanding iron acquisition within a bacterial iron-megastore

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