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NOAA Pacific RAMP fish SPC 2010-2017 dataset

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posted on 30.11.2017, 10:31 authored by Adel Heenan, Ivor Williams, Tomoko Acoba, Annette DesRochers, Troy Kanemura, Randall Kosaki, Marc Nadon, Russell Brainard
Each data record in the datafile is an estimated count and size of fish taxa from a single observer (DIVER) at a single survey at a particular site. Each record includes an observation type (see method description) along with metadata that relates to the specific species observed. Each data record has a unique numeric identifier (SITEVISITID) that relates to the single survey where it was collected. A collection of records from a single survey belong to a site (SITE). Typically a site contains data records from the two replicate surveys, which collected at the same point in time (with two divers surveying adjacent survey cylinders). Meta-data on benthic habitat, site location and sampling date relate to all data records within the same site.