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NL4-3 env SMRT sequences and references

posted on 2017-11-29, 03:06 authored by Kemal ErenKemal Eren, Ben MurrellBen Murrell
Full-length Pacific Biosciences SMRT CCS reads of HIV-1 NL4-3 env. Originally published as part of Laird Smith, Melissa, et al. "Rapid sequencing of complete env genes from primary HIV-1 samples." Virus Evolution 2.2 (2016): vew018.

FASTQ file contains only the NL4-3 reads from the NL4-3/CH040 mixture originally used to evaluate PCR recombination.

Also contains a FASTA file of reference sequences, including NL4-3, HXB2, and others.

These data were used to validate RIFRAF, a novel consensus algorithm.