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Musician mortality data and R code

posted on 20.12.2017, 20:32 by Adrian BarnettAdrian Barnett
MusicianData.RData musician data in R format containing:
a) data.frame as follows
- Person.num, Person ID number
- Band.num, Band ID number
- Date.of.birth, date of birth
- Date.of.number.one, Date of UK number one album (see: Wikipedia pages, e.g., http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_number-one_albums_from_the_1970s_(UK))
- Date.of.death.censored, Date of death for those who died and censored data (August 2011) for those still alive
- Status, 1=dead, 0=alive
b) 'censor' giving the censoring date

LexisMusic.R R program to create the Lexis diagram (Figure 1 in the paper).

MusicianMVNA.R program to create the death rates and musicians at risk (Figure 2 in the paper)

Musician.csv data in csv format, see "MusicianData.RData" for an explanation of the variable names


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