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Multivariable logistic regression model for the association between overall scarring progression and C. trachomatis infection and clinical features.

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posted on 14.08.2019, 17:47 authored by Athumani M. Ramadhani, Tamsyn Derrick, David Macleod, Patrick Massae, Elias Mafuru, Aiweda Malisa, Kelvin Mbuya, Chrissy h. Roberts, William Makupa, Tara Mtuy, Robin L. Bailey, David C. W. Mabey, Martin J. Holland, Matthew J. Burton

Categorized proportions of time-points with C. trachomatis infection, TF and TP were included, adjusting for age at baseline and sex. The overall P value for each variable is shown in line with the variable name, derived from a likelihood ratio test of the model including versus excluding that variable.