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Multilocation comparison of fruit composition for ‘HoneySweet’, an RNAi based plum pox virus resistant plum

posted on 22.03.2019 by Ann M. Callahan, Chris D. Dardick, Ralph Scorza

‘HoneySweet’, a transgenic plum (Prunus domestica) resistant to plum pox virus through RNAi, was deregulated in the U.S. in 2011. The compositional study of ‘HoneySweet’ fruit was expanded to include locations outside of the US as well as utilizing a wide variety of comparators and different collection years to see the variability possible. The results revealed that plums have a wide variation in composition and that variation among locations was greater than variation among cultivars. This was also the case for different years at one location. The results supported the supposition that the transgene and insertion event had no significant effect on the composition of ‘HoneySweet’ fruit even under virus pressure, and that it fell in the normal range of composition of commercially grown plums. It also suggested that the effect of environment is as great as that of genetics on the fruit composition of plums.