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MooSciTIC: Training of trainers in West African research and higher education

posted on 07.06.2019, 17:23 by Ménonvè Atindehou, Kifouli Adéoti, Laura Estelle Yêyinou Loko, Thierry Beulé, Emmanuel Paradis, Gustave Djedatin, Christine Tranchant-Dubreuil, François Sabot, Latifou Lagnika, Estelle Jaligot

The MooSciTIC project is a capacity-building initiative targeting West African research scientists and higher education teachers. The project aimed to improve the self-reliance of researchers and upgrade research practices by providing on-site summer schools on trans-disciplinary topics such as scientific writing, communication, and integrity. Here, we explain how this program was designed and implemented and share the positive responses from our trainees, hoping to inspire similar initiatives.