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Mononuclear Organometallic Platinum(II) Complexes and Platinum(II)−Copper(I) Mixed Complexes from Symmetrical 3,5-Bis(iminoacetyl)pyrazolate Ligands

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posted on 13.10.2008, 00:00 by Marc-Etienne Moret, Peter Chen
The reaction of symmetrical dinucleating ligands 3,5-bis(4-methoxyphenyliminoacetyl)-4-methylpyrazole (bmimpH, 1a) and 3,5-bis(2,6-dimethylphenyliminoacetyl)-4-methylpyrazole (bdmimpH, 1b) with [(μ-Me2S)PtMe2]2 or (Me2S)2PtPh2 affords selectively mononuclear complexes LPtMe(SMe2) or LPtPh(SMe2) (L = bmimp, bdmimp). Reaction of these complexes with CuCl gives access to ionic compounds {[LPtMe(SMe2)]2Cu+CuCl2 and [LPtPh(SMe2)]2Cu+CuCl2, which exhibit dynamic behavior in solution for L = bdmimp. Ligand deprotonation followed by reaction with (Me2S)2PtPh2 affords mononuclear anionic complexes K+[LPtPh2]. These react with CuCl to give dimeric structures of formula {[LPtPh2]2Cu2}, which exhibit Pt→Cu dative bonds and a CuCu contact, and dynamic behavior in solution.