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Molybdenum Difluoride Dioxide, MoO2F2

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posted on 03.05.2010, 00:00 by Hashem Shorafa, Halil Ficicioglu, Farhad Tamadon, Frank Girgsdies, Konrad Seppelt
MoO2F2 is prepared by pyrolysis of (Na+H2O)2 cis−MoO2F42−. A preliminary model of the structure is obtained from powder data: it has a triangular columnar structure with three fluorine bridges between the three molybdenum atoms and with oxygen bridges between the layers. (a = 1605, b = 384, c = 1395 pm, Pnma, Z = 12). The closest related structure is that of TiF4, except that the orientation of the triangular columns is different.