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Molecular identification of green algal balls from Dee-Why beach, Sydney, Australia

posted on 16.10.2014, 10:38 by Michael R Gillings, Liette Vandine, Aaron Phillips, Matthew Bulbert, Julia Cooke, Robert LanfearRobert Lanfear

A collection of green algal balls washed up on Dee-Why beach in Sydney, Australia, in September and October 2014. These documents describe our efforts to identify the species of alga that comprise these balls using molecular biology.

The summary.pdf file describes in detail what we did, and combined with the other files in this repository contains all the information necessary to replicate our analysis. 

To summarise our findings - we sequenced two gene regions (ITS and 18S) from each of two algal balls. All of our analyses suggest that we can unambiguously identify the species as Chaetomorpha linum (http://www.algaebase.org/search/species/detail/?species_id=222).  


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