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Modern pollen types, Ghana.

posted on 25.07.2017, 13:11 authored by Adele JulierAdele Julier, William GoslingWilliam Gosling
Modern pollen types from artificial pollen traps, observed in Ghana, tropical West Africa. This is my personal database of pollen types observed during my PhD 'Modern pollen-vegetation relationships in Ghana, tropical West Africa', at The Open University.
Some scale bars missing from first 11 Holotypes; see excel sheet for pollen sizes. Many taxa have not been assigned botanical affinities.

Modern pollen was recovered from the following sites in Ghana:
Kogyae Forest Reserve, Savannah (7°18'04"N, 1°09'53"W), Transition (7°18'07"N, 1°10'50"W) and Forest (7°15'41"N, 1°09'00"W) plots (slides with 'K' in code- see below)
Bobiri Forest Reserve (6°42'15 "N 1°19'06 "W)
(slides with 'B' in code- see below)
Ankasa Conservation Area (5°16'06"N 2°41'38"W) (Slides with 'A' in code- see below)

Explanation of codes:

'Pollen types were assigned codes, for example the 3rd grain (G3), photographed in Slide 28 (S28), Kogyae 2014 (K14), Transition vegetation plot (T), Trap 55 (T55) would be S28K14TT55G3. Types were numbered sequentially from 1 upwards, and Holotypes (sets of images which acted as a standard for that pollen type) were designated. Holotypes were designated when the grain being photographed met the standards outlined below:

- images of only one grain

- includes both polar and equatorial views

- includes a scale bar

- grain not damaged

- images clear enough to see the diagnostic features of the grain such as pore shape and wall structure

When a new grain was found which did not meet the criteria to be designated as a holotype, it was photographed and given only a code, not a Type number, until a grain of the same morphotype was observed which could then be photographed as the holotype for that type. Pollen taxa were counted using their Type numbers, and taxonomic information was assigned to Types when this information became available.'

Where identifications are present, they are from:

William D. Gosling, Charlotte S. Miller, Daniel A. Livingstone, Atlas of the tropical West African pollen flora, Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, Volume 199, 2013, Pages 1-135, ISSN 0034-6667, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.revpalbo.2013.01.003.

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