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Method for the post-occupation technical evaluation of the quality of social housing communal areas

posted on 11.12.2019, 02:53 by Pablo Andrés Rangel, Carlos Torres Formoso, Luciana Inês Gomes Miron, Márcia Elisa Soares Echeveste

Abstract Several housing programs have been conceived and implemented in the last few decades in Brazil, with the aim to reduce the housing shortage. Despite the efforts to develop social housing, a substantial share of projects has had quality failures in the use phase, which represent costs to society. Previous research has been limited to the evaluation of housing units, leaving a gap in the evaluation of the communal areas of housing projects. This research study proposes a method to evaluate the quality of communal areas of social housing projects. By using Design Science Research as a methodological approach, tools for data collection and metrics for construction pathologies and non-conformities in communal areas were proposed. The method considers requirements of building performance and accessibility technical standards, and covers the evaluation to three elements of communal areas: building facades, sidewalks and parking spaces, and internal circulation areas of buildings. The method was tested on a sample of 10 social housing projects in the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil. The main contribution of this investigation is the development of the method for the evaluation of communal areas, which can be used to assess the technical quality of those areas in a fast and standardised way.