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Metadata for: DarkCideS 1.0, a global database for bats in karsts and caves

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posted on 2022-02-17, 11:39 authored by Krizler TanalgoKrizler Tanalgo, John Aries G. Tabora, Hernani Fernandes Magalhães Oliveira, Danny HaelewatersDanny Haelewaters, Chad T. Beranek, Aída Otálora-Ardila, Enrico Bernard, Fernando Gonçalves, Alan Eriksson, Melissa Donnelly, Joel Monzón González, Humberto Fernandez Ramos, Alberto Clark Rivas, Paul W. Webala, Stanimira DelevaStanimira Deleva, Ridha Dalhoumi, Jaycelle Maula, Dennis Lizarro, Luis F. Aguirre, Nils Bouillard, Ma. Niña Regina Quibod, Jennifer Barros, Manfredo Alejandro Turcios-Casco, Marcio Martínez, Diego Iván Ordoñez-Mazier, José Alejandro Soler Orellana, Eduardo J. Ordoñez-Trejo, Danny Ordoñez, Ada Chornelia, Jian-Mei Lu, Chen Xing, Sanjeev Baniya, Renata Lara Muylaert, Leonardo Henrique Dias-Silva, Nittaya Ruadreo, Alice Catherine HughesAlice Catherine Hughes

This database contains 4 major datasets

1. The first dataset contains taxonomic checklists for all extant cave-dwelling bats species extracted from the expert-based International Union for the Conservation Union (IUCN) Red List database version 2020.1. It also contains the General metadata for traits included in the current version of the database: habitat preference, ecological status, feeding groups, geographical range, island endemism, geopolitical endemism, distribution range, biogeographical breadth, generation length, body mass, and threatening process.

2. The second dataset contains the bat cave geographical location (latitude/longitude) and recorded species.

3. The third dataset included in the database contains the measured land-use and landscape features of the cave surroundings using the georeferenced data from the second dataset. Reference for individual entries in Dataset 3 are included in Dataset 2.

4. The fourth dataset lists the parasitic bat flies and their Laboulbeniales fungal hyperparasites associated with cave bats.


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