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Measuring global disease with Wikipedia: Success failure, and a research agenda (Supplemental data)

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posted on 17.10.2016, 16:24 authored by Reid PriedhorskyReid Priedhorsky, Dave Osthus, Ashlynn R. Daughton, Kelly R. Moran, Nicholas Generous, Geoffrey Fairchild, Alina Deshpande, Sara Y. Del Valle
This supplemental data archive supports the paper:

  Priedhorsky et al. Measuring global disease with Wikipedia: Success, failure, and a research agenda. CSCW 2017.

If you make use of these data, please cite the paper.

These files are input and output for our models as well as some preliminary supporting analyses. The file README describes the archive content in detail.

These data have been approved for public release, LA-UR 16-23523.


NIH, U01-GM097658-01; DTRA, CB10092 & DTRA10027