Matlab scripts used to convert .png slices to a binary raw voxel format

2018-06-26T02:46:58Z (GMT) by Behailu Kibret MALIN PREMARATNE
The matlab scripts were used in the pipeline to convert the png files (captured from the solidified mesh) to binary raw matrix (voxel format). The general idea of the pipeline is:
a. export slices as '.png' files by capturing at equal interval (e.g. 0.5 mm) from the solid representation of the mesh
b. Crop slices to a relevant size (remove unnecessary background voxels) ("Cropper.m")
c. Convert the cropped slices to greyscale ("GreyScaler.m")
d. Covert the geryscale slices to a single binary matrix (volume or voxels) ("Volumer.m")
e. Remove boundary lines dividing the anatomical structures (if the slice capture introduced borders) and resize voxel to 0.5 mm per pixel in each slice ("BoundaryRemover.m")