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March 2021 Covid-19 + Vaccines Twitter Streaming Dataset

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posted on 27.10.2021, 22:39 by Social Media LabSocial Media Lab
The file contains Tweet IDs* for COVID-19 related tweets collected in March, 2021 from Twitter's COVID-19 Streaming Endpoint via a custom script developed by the Social Media Lab (

Visit our interactive dashboard at for a preview and some general stats about this COVID-19 Twitter streaming dataset.

For more info about Twitter's COVID-19 Streaming Endpoint, visit

Note: In accordance with Twitter API Terms, the dataset only includes Tweet IDs (as opposed to the actual tweets and associated metadata). To recollect tweets contained in this dataset, you can use programs such as Hydrator ( or the Python library Twarc (


CIHR Covid-19 Rapid Response: Inoculating Against an Infodemic