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Magnetic and HFEPR Studies of Exchange Coupling in a Series of μ‑Cl Dicobalt Complexes

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posted on 2017-02-20, 19:19 authored by Jia-Jia Liu, Shang-Da Jiang, Petr Neugebauer, Joris van Slageren, Yanhua Lan, Wolfgang Wernsdorfer, Bing-Wu Wang, Song Gao
We report three dinuclear cobalt­(II) complexes, [Co­(L)­Cl2]2 (L = bpy, mbpy, and dmpbt), that are bridged solely by chloride ions. High-field electron paramagnetic resonance and magnetometric measurements were applied to investigate the magnetic intramolecular Co–Co interactions. Simulation results based on the multispin model reveal that the complexes are weakly ferromagnetically coupled and that the isotropic exchange coupling constants differ slightly for the three complexes. Moreover, the competing effects of zero-field splitting and magnetic coupling on the temperature-dependent magnetic susceptibility were analyzed.