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MacroPopGen Database: Geo-referenced population-specific microsatellite data across the American continents

Version 3 2020-06-24, 15:18
Version 2 2019-04-30, 20:25
Version 1 2019-01-29, 19:26
posted on 2020-06-24, 15:18 authored by Elizabeth R LawrenceElizabeth R Lawrence, Javiera N. Benavente, Jean-Michel Matte, Kia Marin, Zachery Wells, Thaïs A. Bernos, Nia Krasteva, Andrew Habrich, Gabrielle NesselGabrielle Nessel, Ramela Arax Koumrouyan, Dylan John Fraser
Files associated with the MacroPopGenBase:

1) .XLSX file documenting references for associated reference IDs, and list of key terms used in meta-analytical searches.

2) .XLSX with MacroPopGenBase data [24 columns, 9090 rows] as well as data file documenting all localities and distances between them [26 columns, 10921 rows]. Associated Read Me tabs also included.
***** Current version: v0.2, June 24, 2020 ****

3) .CSV file with subset of North American mammal data used for testing ascertainment bias associated with mirosatellite loci.

4) All R code used to produce figures and analyses presented in Lawrence et al. (in revision) Scientific Data