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MOESM8 of Tri-mannose grafting of chitosan nanocarriers remodels the macrophage response to bacterial infection

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posted on 2019-01-25, 05:00 authored by Juan Coya, Laura De Matteis, Alexandre Giraud-Gatineau, Anne Biton, Inés Serrano-Sevilla, Anne Danckaert, Marie-Agnès Dillies, Brigitte Gicquel, Jesus De la Fuente, Ludovic Tailleux
Additional file 8: Table S4. Differentially expressed genes by M $$\upphi$$ ϕ s upon tri-mannose-grafted chitosan NC treatment. First table: all genes differentially expressed. Second table: genes modulated by both NCs. Third table: genes modulated only by CS-NCs-tri. FDR < 0.05.


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