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MOESM2 of Prepartum dietary energy intake alters adipose tissue transcriptome profiles during the periparturient period in Holstein dairy cows

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posted on 03.01.2020, 04:54 by Andrea Minuti, Massimo Bionaz, Vincenzo Lopreiato, Nicole Janovick, Sandra Rodriguez-Zas, James Drackley, Juan Loor
Additional file 2. Complete result datasets generated by the DIA analysis from transcript profiling analysis in bovine subcutaneous adipose tissue from end of pregnancy (− 14 d) through early lactation (1 and 14 d) in dairy cow fed a control diet prepartum (CTR) or relatively high energy diet prepartum (OVR). The KEGG pathways are sorted by category and subcategory. Blue bars represent the Impact, while red and green bars depict the Direction of the Impact (red = upregulation, green = downregulation)