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MNI T1 6thGen NLIN to MNI 2009b NLIN ANTs transform

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posted on 28.07.2016, 20:08 by Andreas HornAndreas Horn
This nonlinear transform warps between two different MNI templates.

Specifically, it warps from
• MNI 152 6th generation atlas (used within SPM and FSL) that can be found here: http://nist.mni.mcgill.ca/?p=858

to the
• MNI 152 2009b NLIN template (used within Lead-DBS) that can be found here: http://nist.mni.mcgill.ca/?p=904

The 2009b version (as opposed to the 2009a and c versions) is the only one available in 0.5mm resolution.

The transform has been applied to several atlases distributed within Lead-DBS from version on.

More detailed information on this matter may be found here: http://www.lead-dbs.org/?p=1241


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