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MIL-53 (Fe)-based photo-sensitive composite for degradation of organochlorinated herbicide and enhanced reduction of Cr(VI)

posted on 2018-03-21, 16:46 authored by Akeem Adeyemi OladipoAkeem Adeyemi Oladipo
Highly robust composite photocatalyst (WO3/MIL-53(Fe)) was synthesized and characterised. WO3/MIL-53(Fe) exhibits remarkable photocatalytic efficiency for reduction of Cr(VI) and oxidation of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) organochlorinated herbicide. After 240 min sunlight irradiation, only ∼30% reduction ratio of Cr(VI) was recorded in the presence of WO3. However, about 70% and 94% Cr(VI) reduction were achieved in the presence of MIL-53(Fe) and WO3/MIL-53(Fe), respectively. The removal efficiency proceeds more rapidly in the binary mixture of 2,4-D and Cr(VI) than in the single component system, indicating synergetic effect between the photooxidation and reduction reactions. O2− played a key role in the reduction of Cr (VI) and h+ is confirmed to be the dominant active species in the degradation of 2,4-D.