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File S1 - Low Expression of miR-196b Enhances the Expression of BCR-ABL1 and HOXA9 Oncogenes in Chronic Myeloid Leukemogenesis

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posted on 19.07.2013 by Yue Liu, Wenling Zheng, Yanbin Song, Wenli Ma, Hong Yin

Supporting file containing Tables S1, S2, S3. Table S1. Primers used for detection of miRNAs and for cloning and mutagenesis of the human BCR-ABL1 3′-UTR and HOXA9 3′-UTR. Table S2. BCR-ABL1 and HOXA9 target sequences for RNA interference. The siRNA ID includes the start nucleotide of the targeted sequence in the reference transcript for the human BCR-ABL1 gene and HOXA9 gene. Table S3. Patient samples.