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Long-term (1982-2018) global gross primary production dataset based on NIRv

posted on 29.09.2020, 01:38 authored by Songhan WangSonghan Wang, Yongguang Zhang, Weimin Ju

This dataset provides global monthly gross primary production (GPP) based on satellite NIRv (near-infrared reflectance) during 1982-2018 with a spatial resolution of 0.05 degree.

Data format: netcdf. (Every .zip file contains all monthly GPP of a year)

Spatial extent: 90S-90N 180W-180E

Fill value: -9999

Scale factor: 0.001

Unit: gC m-2 d-1

Any questions about the GPP dataset can be corresponded to wangsonghan2@gmail.com (Songhan Wang).


Songhan Wang, Yongguang Zhang, Weimin Ju et al., Tracking the seasonal and inter-annual variations of global gross primary production during last four decades using satellite near-infrared reflectance data (2020), Science of The Total Environment (In Revision).