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Log-normal distributed reactivity model parameters associated with radicle dehydration stress of ZP704 maize hybrid, under the influence of the different concentrations of 24-EBL (5.20 × 10−9, 5.20 × 10−12 and 5.20 × 10−15 M).

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posted on 2017-06-23, 17:38 authored by Hadi Waisi, Bojan Janković, Marija Janković, Bogdan Nikolić, Ivica Dimkić, Blažo Lalević, Vera Raičević

Same table shows the appropriate statistical fitting test analysis. Superscripted “a represent “The overall reaction contributions related to tested radicle dehydration process (normalized into the range [0,1])”, “b represent “The distribution area”, “c” represent”The mean value”, “d” represent “The standard deviation”, “e” represent “Residual Sum of Squares”, “f” represent “Pearson’s Chi-square (χ2) test” and “g” represent “Value and error were given with five safe digits in a numeric calculation with 100% succeeds”.