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Life-history traits of Farlowella hahni (Siluriformes, Loricariidae) in streams of the Ivinhema River Basin, Upper Paraná Basin

posted on 20.03.2019, 02:50 authored by R. S. Figueiredo, L. F. Viana, D. P. Moraes, Y. R. Súarez

Abstract Brazilian laws allow the catch of some species as ornamental fish; however, in the absence of biological information, such catch can threaten species conservation. Therefore, this study aimed to offer population and reproductive information about Farlowella hahni in streams of the Ivinhema River Basin, Upper Paraná Basin. To accomplish this, a total of 165 F. hahni individuals were analyzed, including 109 females and 48 males, resulting in an important sex ratio difference from 1:1 (χ 2=19.97; p<0.001), indicating a predominance of females throughout the year. Females reach higher standard length than males. Males presented isometric Length-Weight Relationships, while females have positive allometric growth. Gonadosomatic index presented higher values from October through December. The mean fecundity was 100.3±36.4 of vitellogenic oocytes and was positively correlated with standard length (r=0.51; p=0.01). The data presented herein are the first for this species and suggest a need to carefully manage the F. hahni population, considering its low abundance and fecundity.