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Leaf Spot Data

posted on 2021-04-26, 05:55 authored by Mark BurowMark Burow, Nicholas Denwar, Charles Simpson, Terry Wheeler, James L. Starr
Data refer to the following published manuscript:
Denwar, N. N., C. E. Simpson, J. L. Starr, T. A. Wheeler, and M. D. Burow. (2021) Evaluation and Selection of Interspecific Lines of Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) for Resistance to Leaf Spot Disease and for Yield Improvement. Plants 2021, 10, x.

Combined Ghana Data contains early and late leaf spot scores, calculated AUDPC, and pod yield data for two years and two locations. The file is a space-delimited ASCII text file (CPM/DOS/OS2/Windows EOL characters [0x0D 0x0A]).

Five files contain data used to calculate time to 50% of plants having either early or late leaf spots, as well as the calculated value of days to 50% infection. Each year/location/disease is a separate file. Again, files are space-delimited ASCII text files.

CalcIP6 is the program used to calculate time to 50% infection. The C source code and the DOS/Windows executable file are provided (requires NTVDM 16-bit support to run under MS-Windows, or will run under DOSBOX under 64-bit Windows).


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