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Large eddy simulation of blood flow in a realistic model of the Circle of Willis

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posted on 2022-12-31, 21:54 authored by Iham ZidaneIham Zidane, Sharif AlDajani, Khalid SaqrKhalid Saqr

The dataset was produced using fully resolved Large Eddy Simulation (LES) and multiharmonic rheological flow models in a realistic in silico phantom of the CoW. 

Researchers and biomedical engineers could utilize this dataset to fine-tune their CFD models and establish standard reference simulation(s) before carrying out further parametric studies.

Having the dataset released under an open-access license encourages the community to further expand the dataset using different investigation modalities.

CoW Model reference: 

  1. N. Wilson, K. Wang, R. Dutton, C.A. Taylor, "A software framework for creating patient specific geometric models from medical imaging data for simulation based medical planning of vascular surgery", Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention MICCAI 2001, Springer, 2001, pp. 449–456. doi: 10.1007/3-540-45468-3_54
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Dataset ID 0001v1

Dataset category CFD

Dataset domain Circle of Willis

Spacetime frames 3DSteady

File formats *.vtm, *.vtu

Software ParaView, VMTK

Dataset description:

Time averaged data of the flow in a realistic CoW model using Large Eddy Simulation of blood flow using non-Newtonian whole blood viscosity model. 

Total simulation time (time averaging limits): from 0 to 3 seconds. 

Timestep 0.5 millisecond.

Fields Scalar, vector, tensor

Field variables:

Mean_mxt Time averaged grid quality index (Pope index), unit dimensionless (%).

Mean_pressure Time averaged guage static pressure, unit Pascal (N/m2).

Mean_pressure_coefficient Time averaged pressure coefficient, unit dimensionless (num).

Mean_psi Time averaged psi (the ratio between non-Newtonian and Newtonian viscosities), unit dimensionless (num).

Mean_velocity_magnitude Time averaged velocity magnitude, unit (m/s).

Mean_x_velocity Time averaged x-velocity component, unit (m/s).

Mean_y_velocity Time averaged y-velocity component, unit (m/s).

Mean_z_velocity Time averaged z-velocity component, unit (m/s).

Mean_wall_shear Time averaged wall shear stress, unit Pascal (N/m2).

Mean_x_wall_shear Time averaged wall shear stress on XZ or XY planes, unit Pascal (N/m2).

Mean_y_wall_shear Time averaged wall shear stress on YZ or XY planes, unit Pascal (N/m2).

Mean_z_wall_shear Time averaged wall shear stress on YZ or XZ planes, unit Pascal (N/m2).

sgs_filterlength LES Subgrid scale filter length, unit (m).