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Lab Notebook, 2012

posted on 10.02.2015, 21:24 by Carl BoettigerCarl Boettiger

Permanent archive of Carl Boettiger's open lab notebook entries for the year 2012 (http://www.carlboettiger.info/archives.html). Entries are archived in plain text UTF-8. 2012.tar.gz has all entries as written in full (X)HTML5 version of the notebook with embedded RDFa. Images are embedded in the files as data URIs and equations are provided in MathML.  


Meets the goals of the Data Management Plan: http://www.carlboettiger.info/2012/10/09/data-management-plan.html


The more recent (second) 2012.tar.gz archive contains both the Jekyll sources and HTML site for the notebook entries in 2012, corresponding to https://github.com/cboettig/2012/releases/tag/2012-archive, which can be viewed at http://carlboettiger.info/2012