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Lab 2- Woodlot, Dataset #3

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posted on 2015-09-28, 03:20 authored by Khaula SahiKhaula Sahi

This experiment was conducted on Tuesday September 22nd 2015 from approximately 4:20-4:55 PM in the Danby Woodlot of York University with group members Houra, Alexandra and Kathy. The weather was warm and sunny with a slight breeze, at a temperature of 22°C. The purpose of this experiment was to familiarize ourselves with sampling tools, collecting field data and to recognize any relationships or patterns in the data. By group decision I was assigned to complete dataset #3 with the help of my partner, Houra. This experiment required us to go to an edge of the Danby Woodlot and walk a straight line leading to the centre of the woodlot, while recognizing adult trees along the way. A tree was considered an adult tree if it was twice the height of the data collector, in this case, 5ft and 9inches. When we identified an adult sugar maple tree the distance between it, and the nearest tree was measured in inches from the edge of both trees, using a transect measuring tape. The diameter at breast height (54 inches above ground) was measured and recorded in inches with the transect measuring tape. The condition of both trees was recorded using a size class, 0 through 2. 0 indicated that the tree was dead with no leaves and most likely a thin trunk. 1 indicated that the tree was healthy and living with some foliage and 2 indicated that it was an old tree with a big canopy and most likely, a large trunk. This process was repeated nine more times, giving a data set of 10 pairs of trees. It was noticed that the DBH and the condition of a trees were directly proportional.