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posted on 23.12.2018, 23:44 by Weixue Luo
The 54.12-ha large-scale observational site (LSOS) is located in the Jiaohe Management Bureau in Jilin Province, China. The area has a mean annual temperature of 3.8 °C and a mean annual precipitation of 695.9 mm. The hottest month is July with the average daily temperature of 21.7 °C, whereas the coldest month is January with the average daily temperature of -18.6 °C. The brown forest soil typical of the area has a rootable depth ranging between 20 and 100 cm.

We completely surveyed both sites in two consecutive inventories: the first inventory was conducted in 2010 and the second in 2015. On both sites, each of all free-standing woody stems with a diameter at breast height (dbh) greater than 1 cm was georeferenced and tagged, and the species and dbh were measured on site. A total of 46,458 trees were tallied in 2010, and 44,564 trees were tallied in 2015.


the Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China (31670643)

Department of Forestry and Natural Resource of Purdue University

the Key Project of National Key Research and Development Plan (2017YFC0504005)