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Isolation and characterization of micro cellulose obtained from waste mango

posted on 2021-03-24, 09:16 authored by Miguel Angel Lorenzo-Santiago, Rodolfo Rendón-Villalobos

Abstract Cellulose fibers are used in polymeric matrices due to their thermal and mechanical capabilities. These biopolymers can be isolated from different natural sources. In this study, micro cellulose was obtained from mango fibrous endocarp (Mangifera caesia Jack ex Wall) waste. Isolation was performed using sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide as removal agents of lignin and hemicellulose. A comparative analysis between native fiber (NF) and micro cellulose (MC) was performed, using FTIR, DSC and SEM techniques to assess their composition, thermal, structural and crystallinity capacities. The structures of the fibers were not damaged due to the chemical treatments received and their sizes ranged between 40 and 400 μm in length. The extraction of cellulose from mango waste represents an important start in obtaining biopolymers that can be used in the food, pharmaceutical, and other industries.


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