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Interfacial bond-slip relationship between Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Plate and Concrete after High Temperature of Asphalt Paving Construction

posted on 2019-11-27, 02:52 authored by Xin Yuan, Yuye Zhang, Chaoyu Zhu, Wei Zheng, Baijian Tang

Abstract The bond-slip relationship of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) plate-concrete after the influence of high temperature action of Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) paving was investigated in this article. Two groups of double shear specimens with different bonding length were designed and tested. Based on the test results, the failure modes of specimens, the strain distribution and the shear stress of CFRP-concrete interface were analyzed. Considering the influence of high temperature, the interfacial bond-slip constitutive model of CFRP plate and concrete after high temperature action of SMA paving construction was proposed. The proposed model can reflect the nonlinearity and interface softening behaviour of the CFRP plate-concrete interface constitutive relationship under special environment. Through the comparative study of exixting constitutive models, the interface bond-slip constitutive model proposed in this paper considers the effect of high temperature and has good agreement with the test results.