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Integrated faecal microbiome-metabolome signatures reflect stress and serotonin metabolism in Irritable Bowel Syndrome - integrated NMR data

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posted on 01.03.2022, 17:35 authored by Melpomeni KasapiMelpomeni Kasapi, Joram PosmaJoram Posma, Zlatan Mujagic, Isabel Garcia-Perez, Jose-Ivan Serrano-Contreras, Daisy MAE Jonkers, Lisa Vork, Zsa Zsa R.M. Weerts, Alexandra Zhernakova, Alexander Kurilshikov, Jamie Scotcher, Elaine Holmes, Cisca Wijmenga, Daniel Keszthelyi, Jeremy K Nicholson, Ad AM Masclee
Integrated NMR data of 49 metabolites in faecal water from 267 IBS patients and healthy controls.


Assessing metabolic profiling strategies for nutritional management of cardiovascular disease risk

NIHR Academy

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This work was partially supported by a project (GH001) from the Top Institute Food and Nutrition, Wageningen

ERC Starting Grant 715772

Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research NWO-VIDI grant 016.178.056

Netherlands Heart Foundation CVON grant 2018-27

NWO Gravitation grant ExposomeNL 024.004.017

NWO Gravitation grant 024.003.001

NWO Spinoza Prize SPI 92-266


The Netherlands Niels Stensen Fellowship



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