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Impact of sharing full versus averaged social information on social influence and estimation accuracy

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posted on 11.05.2021, 10:22 by Bertrand JaylesBertrand Jayles, Clement SireClement Sire, Ralf H. J. M. Kurvers
Column 1: Group (session)
Column 2: Participant ID
Column 3: Sex of the participant
Column 4: Age of the participant
Column 5: Question ID
Column 6: Question in words
Column 7: Corresponding true value
Column 8: Treatment (Sorted, Unsorted, Aggregated)
Column 9: Number of shared estimates tau
Column 10: Personal estimate
Column 11: Second estimate
Column 12 to 22: Estimates received as social information
Column 23: geometric mean of the pieces of social information (for the Aggregate treatment)