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Escherichia coli SAMN10819847 (single genome) dataset

posted on 2021-02-16, 02:02 authored by Felipe AlmeidaFelipe Almeida
This is a sample read set for use in ngs-preprocess, mpgap and bacannot pipelines. It is linked to the tools paper and repositories so people who install them can get a small read set to make sure the program works.

The files contain Illumina and ONT reads from Escherichia coli biosample SAMN10819847. The SRA run accessions are SRX5299443 and SRX5287344. These files do not contain the full set of reads from these run. Rather, they have been subsampled down to 30X, to create smaller files, easier to download.

These reads have not been produced by us. The study that have produced them is properly linked in the references.