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Hydrothermal Vanadium Fluoride Chemistry:  Four New V3+ Chain Structures

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posted on 14.05.2007 by David W. Aldous, Nicholas F. Stephens, Philip Lightfoot
An exploratory study of the hydrothermal chemistry of vanadium in HF solutions has resulted in the preparation of four new vanadium (III) fluorides with chainlike structural motifs. [NH4]2[VF5] (1) and [C2N2H10][VF5] (2) feature infinite chains of trans corner-sharing VF4F2/2 octahedra, [C4N2H6][VF5]·H2O (3) has cis corner-sharing [VF4F2/2] chains, and [C10N2H8][VF3] (4) has trans corner-sharing [VF2F2/2] chains bridged into sheets by the 4,4‘-bipy linker. All four compounds exhibit antiferromagnetic behavior.