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HydroWASTE version 1.0

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posted on 2021-12-17, 20:45 authored by Heloisa Ehalt MacedoHeloisa Ehalt Macedo, Bernhard LehnerBernhard Lehner, Jim A. Nicell, Günther GrillGünther Grill, Jing Li, Antonio Limtong, Ranish Shakya

HydroWASTE is a spatially-explicit global database of 58,502 WWTPs and their characteristics. This database was developed by combining national and regional datasets with auxiliary information to derive or complete missing WWTP characteristics, including the amount of people served. A high-resolution river network with streamflow estimates (HydroATLAS: was used to georeference WWTP outfall locations and calculate each plant’s dilution factor (i.e., the ratio of the natural discharge of the receiving waterbody to the WWTP effluent discharge).

Version 1.0 of HydroWASTE is fully described in Ehalt Macedo et al. 2022 (see references below).

There is 1 zipped data file containing:

1. HydroWASTE_v10.csv - database in csv format

2. README.txt - overview information about the database


Ehalt Macedo, H., Lehner, B., Nicell, J., Grill, G., Li, J., Limtong, A., and Shakya, R.: Distribution and characteristics of wastewater treatment plants within the global river network, Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 14, 559–577,, 2022. 


Ideas Fund of the McGill Sustainability Systems Initiative (MSSI)

NSERC Discovery grant RGPIN/04541-2019

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