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Hybrid capture II and PapilloCheck® tests for detection of anal high-risk human papillomavirus

posted on 26.03.2021, 12:58 by Livia Bravo Maia, Larissa Cardoso Marinho, Anamélia Lorenzetti Bocca, Florêncio Figueiredo Cavalcante Neto, Lara Franciele Ribeiro Velasco, Patrícia Godoy Garcia Costa, Fabiana Pirani Carneiro, Paulo Gonçalves de Oliveira

Introduction This study evaluated the level of concordance between hybrid capture II (HCII) and PapilloCheck® for the detection of high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) in anal samples. Methods Anal cell samples collected from 42 human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)+ patients were analyzed. Results Considering only the 13 high-risk HPV types that are detectable by both tests, HCII was positive for 52.3% of the samples, and PapilloCheck® was positive for 52.3%. The level of concordance was 80.9% (Kappa = 0.61). Conclusions Good concordance was observed between the tests for the detection of high-risk HPV.