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Hedji, Cirikovic, Borkovic, Filjar, JCIEES 2023 manuscript, Supplementary material

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posted on 2023-04-09, 08:56 authored by Ivan Hedji, Enes Cirikovic, Željko Borković, Renato FiljarRenato Filjar

Material presented is a Supplement to a manuscript sent for consideration of publication to Journal CIEES. It comprises a data set created using GPS-based estimated values of Total Electron Content (TEC) and dTEC, as well as observations of components of geomagnetic field density around the city of Darwin, NT, Australia during 2014. 

TEC & dTEC are estimated from raw GPS pseudorange observations collected from the open access internet-based NASA IGS Data repository (, and processed using the GPS-TEC programme developed by Dr Gopi Seemala ( 

Geomagnetic field density components Bx, By, Bz are taken from the open access internet-based repository INTERMAGNET (

Data from two sources are collected, aggregated, collated, and structured in a form of machine-readable CSV format to serve as an open source database for research on geomagnetic effects on TEC and GPS/GNSS ionospheric delay conditions. Database creation is performed using bespoke programme developed by author RF in the R environment for statistical computing (