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Harmonization of DMSP and VIIRS nighttime light data from 1992-2021 at the global scale

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posted on 2022-04-10, 03:45 authored by Xuecao LiXuecao Li, Yuyu ZhouYuyu Zhou, Min zhao, Xia Zhao

The dataset contains (1) temporally calibrated DMSP-OLS NTL time series data from 1992-2013; and (2) converted NTL time series from the VIIRS data (2014-2021)

Spatial resolution: 30 arc-seconds (~1km)

Information about the composited images from the calibrated DMSP dataset:

F10(1992-1994); F12(1995-1996); F14(1997-2003); F16(2004-2009); F18(2010-2013)

We suggested using pixels with DN values greater than 7.