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Harmonised global datasets of wind and solar farm locations and power

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posted on 2020-03-11, 20:27 authored by Sebastian DunnettSebastian Dunnett

Energy systems need decarbonisation in order to limit global warming to within safe limits. While global land planners are promising more of the planet’s limited space to wind and solar photovoltaic, there is little information on where current infrastructure is located. The majority of recent studies use land suitability for wind and solar, coupled with technical and socioeconomic constraints, as a proxy for actual location data. Here, we address this shortcoming. Using readily accessible OpenStreetMap data we present, to our knowledge, the first global, open-access, harmonised spatial datasets of wind and solar installations. We also include user friendly code for enabling users to easily create newer versions of the dataset. Finally, we include first order estimates of power capacities of installations. We anticipate this data will be of widespread interest within global studies of the future potential and trade-offs associated with the global decarbonisation of energy systems.


ADVENT (ADdressing Valuation of Energy and Nature Together)

Natural Environment Research Council

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