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HCP-MMP1.0 projected on fsaverage

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posted on 2016-07-25, 20:58 authored by Kathryn MillsKathryn Mills
Hi All!

Following instructions gathered via twitter and the HCP message board, I've projected the new HCP-MMP1.0 parcellation onto fsaverage. I have attached the annotation files here and detailed my process below:

1. Download the correct data from BALSA:

2. Download the correct spheres from the HCP github page:
this is detailed here:

3. Using workbench, convert parcellation dabel.nii file label.gii file:

wb_command -cifti-separate Q1-Q6_RelatedParcellation210.L.CorticalAreas_dil_Colors.32k_fs_LR.dlabel.nii COLUMN -label CORTEX_LEFT Q1-Q6_RelatedParcellation210.L.CorticalAreas_dil_Colors.32k_fs_LR.label.gii

wb_command -cifti-separate Q1-Q6_RelatedParcellation210.R.CorticalAreas_dil_Colors.32k_fs_LR.dlabel.nii COLUMN -label CORTEX_RIGHT Q1-Q6_RelatedParcellation210.R.CorticalAreas_dil_Colors.32k_fs_LR.label.gii

4. Using workbench, convert label.gii file to fsaverage space:

wb_command -label-resample Q1-Q6_RelatedParcellation210.L.CorticalAreas_dil_Colors.32k_fs_LR.label.gii BARYCENTRIC left.fsaverage164.label.gii

wb_command -label-resample Q1-Q6_RelatedParcellation210.R.CorticalAreas_dil_Colors.32k_fs_LR.label.gii BARYCENTRIC right.fsaverage164.label.gii

5. Using freesurfer, convert files from gii to annot:

mris_convert --annot left.fsaverage164.label.gii lh.HCP-MMP1.annot

mris_convert --annot right.fsaverage164.label.gii rh.HCP-MMP1.annot

6. Rejoice and share!


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