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posted on 2017-06-15, 07:39 authored by Kate LawrenceKate Lawrence

Data regarding the use of a dietary intervention designed to manipulate gut bacteria, The Gut Makeover. This dietary protocol has been published in the UK and is due to be published in the US in 2017. This is the first research study, to our knowledge, to assess the program in terms of any benefits it may have to general health. Physical and emotional well-being were assessed pre- and post-intervention using the Medical Symptoms Questionnaire; we report rapid, extensive, high-magnitude reductions in medical symptoms over this four-week time period. 

Before and after measurements are available for 21 participants on the following sub-scales: Total medical symptom score, head symptoms, eye symptoms, nose symptoms, skin symptoms, heart symptoms, digestive symptoms, joint and muscle symptoms, weight symptoms, energy symptoms, mind symptoms and emotion symptoms.