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Gridded Yield Changes 1-3 Degrees Global Warming with Uncertainty

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posted on 2017-09-18, 21:08 authored by Frances MooreFrances Moore, Uris Baldos, Thomas Hertel, Delavane Diaz
These are gridded yield shocks based on the meta-analysis described in Moore et al (in press) derived from a re-analysis of the database of yield studies reported in Challinor et al (2015).

Files are provided for maize, rice, soy and wheat. Grids are R rasters (requires the installation of the raster library in R) compiled into a list and are provided for the main effect, and upper and lower bounds of the 95% confidence intervals.

Each file contains a list of length 3 named "yieldchange_errorbars" where each element of the list is also a list of length 3. Data are organized first by quantile and then by temperature change. For example yieldchange_errorbars[[1]][[3]] would be the lower bound (2.5th quantile) of the yield changes as three degrees of warming. yieldchange_errorbars[[2]][[1]] would be the central estimate (50th quantile) of yield changes at one degree of warming.